Audience Feedback

What do students and teachers report about my visits? Check out some of the comments here.

Teachers & Parents Say…

“You did a great job adapting the presentation to the audience. Very informative!”

- Melissa F., teacher, Minnesota Virtual Academy

“We could sense that you were excited about writing and that you wanted to be here.”

- Kara W., teacher, Minnesota Virtual Academy

“I liked the description of the pre-writing process (research, organization, drafts, etc.). I liked the sentence activity when you changed a passive sentence to an active one.”

- Kaari R., 2nd grade teacher, Lakes International Language Academy

“Thanks so much for coming to our school! I loved for the kids to hear about the importance of writing in so many different facets of our lives.”

- Chris L., Specialist, Ashland Elementary School

“Thank you so much for the great day of presentations. Hope you will consider coming back next year!”

- Rosemary D., Specialist, Northwood School

“I liked the informal yet informative [way] she talked about writing and putting a book together.”

- Shari L., Parent

“[I liked] the interaction with the audience, demonstrations and the way she presented the material or incorporated into the message she’s putting out… Well-presented with lots of information of great value to all age groups along with subject matters to all.”

- John W., Parent

Students Say…

“Thank you so much for teaching us about being a author. I learned from you that just because some books have fewer words that doesn’t mean that it’s easier to write. You really got me excited to write! Now since you came here I want to write a story about animals.”

- Deanna S.

“I had a lot of fun when you showed us the books and you told us what you do before it's a book."

- Paige B., age 12

“I really liked putting the different parts of a book in the correct order.”

- Michelle F., age 11

“Thank you for letting me hold up the books for you to tell them what age of children would read it. I’m glad you came because you got me in to writing a book.”

- Jenna M.

“I liked the student participation.”

- Kaitlin B., age 10

“I thought that Tracy’s presentation was very good. It was very cool to meet an author!!! Being an author sounds fun!!!!!”

- Kaila L, age 10

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