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When I was younger, I imagined that authors wrote their books the way my grandmother made cookies: effortlessly! No recipes, no mentors, no do-overs. Creating books was like magic, wasn’t it?

Now that I know how the process works, I love sharing my experiences with audiences (and, yes, there is a bit of magic involved in writing!). See the sample presentations for children and for young adults or adults. Whether they’re children or adults, I invite audience members to participate in my school and community programs in a dialogue-based, interactive format. I use some props and tactile examples appropriate for the audience age level. We talk through the elements of the writing process, including revving up your imagination, researching, choosing words, building sentences, and revising.

Because I’ve written for all ages, I’m able to adapt my presentation to specific grade levels and audience interest. I also try to integrate classroom projects or current discussion areas so that my presentation is immediately relevant and applicable.

Retailers may prefer that I read from one of the books and sign copies or stage a simple book-signing event. 

Please contact me for more available dates and information.

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